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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I have lost power in part of my kitchen or bathroom?

Answer: First check if there is a GFCI receptacle on the circuit. A GFCI receptacle is an outlet that has a test and reset button on it. They act like a mini circuit breaker, and will shut off itself and any outlet down line from it. These outlets protect you from shocks and short circuits, and are much more sensitive than a circuit breaker. Unplug everything from the effected outlets, and press the reset button.

Question: How can I protect my computer and electronics from lightning if I am not home to unplug them?

Answer: A whole house surge suppressor is the first line of defense against surges caused by lightning and Detroit Edison equipment failures. Plug strip surge suppressors are always recommended, but the whole house covers everything and with higher ratings.

Question: I have old ungrounded outlets in my house, do I need to ground all of them?

Answer: No, new electronics are starting to require grounds and that is good idea, but most everyday electrical devices do not require a ground. Changing an ungrounded outlet to a GFCI will meet all electrical codes, and allow you to plug in grounded items. GFCI's will provide better shock protection than most grounds. Grounding a circuit can be labor intensive depending on its location and the design of your house. Grounded circuits are recommended for home offices and gyms. Any new circuit installed in a home will be grounded.

Question: I keep blowing my 15 amp fuse, when I put a 20 amp fuse in its place I still do not have power.

Answer: Screw in fuses (type S) do not allow you to interchange the sizes. By putting a 20 amp fuse on a 15 amp circuit, you are creating a serious fire hazard.

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